Global Hosts has integrated with the Cloudbeds platform to allow Hosts to easily import their bookings into Global Hosts. This article outlines the process and answers questions about the process. If there is any questions please contact

Connecting Your Accounts

You must authorize the connection between your Global Hosts Account and your Cloudbeds Account.  Following these steps to complete the authorization

  1. Access your Host Dashboard
  2. Click on the Management and Education icon at the bottom left
  3. At the top of the page you will see the Connect to Cloudbeds section (see image)
  4. Click on the "Allow Access" button
  5. You will be taken to your Cloudbeds Account for authorization. If you are not logged in then Cloudbeds will request that you login.
  6. On the Cloudbeds page approve the access for Global Hosts
  7. You will be taken to a page on Global Hosts confirming the success of the connection or alerted to any issues

Once access has been granted then the Global Hosts team will manually activate the connection between the two accounts to ensure all the properties match properly. You will be alert once the connection is active and the data is syncing between the two platforms

Integration Overview

What the Integration DOES DO
+ Syncs all confirmed bookings to the Global Hosts platform
+ Syncs updates made to guest information in Global Hosts to Cloudbeds
+ Permits you to comply with the requirements of SIRE with 1 button upload
+ Allow experiences purchased on Latin Hosts to be associated with your Cloudbeds records and viewed in Global Hosts

What the Integration DOES NOT DO
+ Change reservation information - dates, prices, etc
+ Sync data entered into folio notes

Other Items

Future Functionality

- Global Hosts is working on additional functionality that leverages the Cloudbeds integration. This includes collection of guest information prior to arrival to speed the check in process. 

Sync Time

- Data from Cloudbeds to Global Hosts is delayed by approximately 10 minutes and data from Global Hosts to Cloudbeds is delayed by approximately 3 minutes.


For assistance please contact your Global Hosts account representative or contact